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Do you see patterns in the distribution of their electrons?

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David wants to view the cross section of a monocot stem he is using an ocular with 10x magnification. he then switches the revolving nosepiece to lpo with 10x magnification. compute for the total magnification of the microscope he is using.
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Anthropologycatherine raeffcollectivisticindividualisticsigmund freudkatherine ewingjoseph ledouxculture1. it is the study of people, past and present.2. he is an anthropologist who described the self as the physical"3. this neuroscientist conceptualized the implicit and explicitaspects of self.4. this psychologist believed that culture can influence how youview relationships.5. this culture represents aspects of self as separate and distinct.​
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How are electromagnetic waves created
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Annalyze and appreciate the functional relationship of the different organ systems in ensuring animal survival
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Do you see patterns in the distribution of their electrons?...

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