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Refers to the human mind

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Die 13 different food service styles a. identify different food service styles. b. compare and contrast the different food service styles. objective: date: fferent styles of food service - this involves the presentation and service of food to the guest ly the restaurant staff from the food platter or dish to the guest plate, with the help of a service gear. always done from the eft-hand side of the guest. professional silver service is all about mastering the technique of using service gear held in the right hand to transfer items to the guest plate from a service dish held in the left hand. .. a service of pre-plated food to the guest by the restaurant staf carried out from the right hand side of the guest. this demands the service staff to be skilled in carrying plates without distu bing the food arranged on them. usually involves carrying two or three plates in the left hand and no more than four plates the right hand at a time. usually practised in coffee shops or restaurants serving westem cuisine. a very simple method of service in which the serving dishes are presented to the guests and placed on the dining table, allowing the guest to select and serve himself. such service is usually ound in restaurants serving indian cuisine. .. a huge presentation of food items, hot and cold, different cuisines. the service staff positions itself behind the buffet and assists the guests by plating their food for them as they select it, using the silver service technique the term means a trolley used for the preparation or finishing of food. a trolley is used to cook various ingredients, involving a lot of showmanship such as flambé, carving tc. done next to the guest table. can either be an elaborate piece of moveable furniture or a simple dining table. food, which usually consists of a whole roast, is presented to the host, then taken back to the side station. by the service staff whicb. is. then served to the
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How does culture affect you as a person
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What happens if you exercise in a year without stopping
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Criteria for judging production number
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