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1.x² - x-2=0 by equation

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1.ano ang hinahanp? 2.ano ano ang mga given? 3.ano ang word clue na ginagamit sa operasyon? 4.ano ang number sentence? 5.ano ang kumpletong sagot? ​
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Linear optimizationa self-employed craftsman from lumban makes wooden ashtrays and keychain. each ashtray can be sold for a profit of p30 and each keychain for a profit of p10. the carpenter can afford to spend up to 40 hours per week working and it takes four hours to make an ashtray and one hour to make a keychain. customer demand requires that he makes at least three times as many keychains as ashtrays. formulate this problem as a linear programming problem and solve it graphically.​
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The sum of a number and 37 is 148.find the number? let x = =equation​
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According to the survey you conducted, what is the most appropriate fruit tree for orchard gardening your area? explain your findings
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1.x² - x-2=0 by equation...

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