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Sum of all the member that is greater than 70 but less than 80

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answer with complete solution and explanation for math10activity5 activity5 from one place to another
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Mathew answered 25 questions cerrectly on 55-item test. the passing grade was 65%.did mathew pass? by how much is his score lower or above the passing grade? what is the answer ?
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Give an example of a "work done" word problem involving two variables (x and y)
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An investment is currently worth 1.035×10^8 dollars. thirty years ago, the investment was worth ​2.3×10^5 ​dollars. how many times greater is the value of the investment today than the value of the investment thirty years ago? a. 0.45 b. 450 c. 4500 d. 45,000
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Sum of all the member that is greater than 70 but less than 80...

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