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Ano po yung 18/12 divided by 4/5

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Scientific notation and rounding off the correct number of significant figures? 4.54×10^³+1.55×10^²?
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Math, 28.10.2019 21:29, ian2145
Two trains starts at the same time from towns 385 miles apart and meet in 5 hours. if therate of one train is 7 miles an hour less than the rate of the other, what is the rate of theslower train? (s =)? ​
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Math, 28.10.2019 22:29, danigirl12
Write 6x10⁴+7x10³+9+10+6 as one number​
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Math, 14.11.2019 15:23, alexespinosa
There are 23 boys and 22 girls in a class during a strong raid 5 boys and 3 girls were absent how many were present​
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Ano po yung 18/12 divided by 4/5...

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