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50 is 50% of 70 what is the base rate and percentage

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Graphing system og linear equalities​
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Pasagot po kahit hindi po tama lahat
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3. core company provided the following data for the purpose of reconciling the cashbalance per book with the balance per bank statement on december 31, 2019.200,00085,00050,00020,000balance per bank statementbalance per bookoutstanding checks (includingcertified check of p10,000)deposit in transitdecember nsf checks (of whichp5,000 had been redepositedand cleared by december 27)erroneous credit to core's account,representing proceeds of loangranted to another companyproceeds of note collected by bankfor core, net of service charge of p2,00015,00030,00075,000the cash in bank balance to be shown on core's december 31, 2019 is​
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Challenger elementary school has 800800800 students. every wednesday, 12\%12%12, percent of the students stay after school for chess club. how many students attend chess club on wednesdays?
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50 is 50% of 70 what is the base rate and percentage...

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