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Fraction and decimal of 7500

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Supply each phrase with what you think the most appropriate word. explain your answer briefly. 6. less talk, more
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Exercises dbs accounting firm, started operation only on april 1, 2014 and it provides accounting and tax services to big establishments in metro manila. its accounting period ends dec. 31, and on this date, adjusting entries are prepared. the trial balance of dbs accounting firm at dec. 31, 2014 follows: dbs accounting firm trial balance december 31, 2014 cash 120,000 accounts receivable 60,000 office supplies 50,000 prepaid insurance 24,000 office equipment 240,000 furniture and fixtures 40,000 land 800,000 building 1,300,000 accounts payable 168,000 loans payable 500,000 dbs, capital 1,800,000 professional fees 540,000 salaries expense 250,000 advertising expense 36,000 transportation expense 10,000 utilities expense 70,000 miscellaneous expense 8,000 total p 3,008,000 p 3,008,000 additional information 1. an inventory of office supplies on december 31, 2014 showed supplies on hand totaled p 38,000. 2. the prepaid insurance represents a one-year insurance policy on the building purchased on may 1, 2013. 3. the office equipment is estimated to have a 5 year life with salvage value of p 40,000 starting from april 1, 2013. 4. the furniture and fixtures is estimated to last for 10 years with no salvage value. 5. the estimated useful life of the building is 20 yrs. with estimated salvage value of p 100,000. 6. the professional fees include p 40,000 of advances made by one client for services still be rendered in the last week of december amounting to p 5,000 is schedule for payment on the first week of january 2015. 7. the company’s estimate as allowance for uncollectible accounts is very minimal because it has not experienced defaulted accounts yet. the estimate for uncollectible accounts is 2% of accounts receivable. required: prepare the following a. adjusting entries b. adjusted trial balance c. income statement, statement of changes in equity and balance sheet
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Two partial receipts for school supply are shown how much does each notebook and each pen cost notebooks and 3 pens tot 195 and 6 notebooks 2 ped and total 162 using elemenation method
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Say i was tto go shoot my desert eagle
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Fraction and decimal of 7500...

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