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"THE FATHER'S TRAGEDY" 1. Is this story realistic or true to life? Explain your answer.
2. Who narrates the story? Do you think this is the best person to tell the story? Why or why not?
3. What has cansed the fight between the father and mother in the story?
4 How did the father's interest in cockfighting affect his family?
5. If you were the mother in the story, what would you have done? Explain
6. What is the main problem in the story? How do you think it would be resolved?
7. What caused the characters to make the decision they did?
8. How would life be different for the characters after the events in the story?

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Identify a central idea of the selection from ""how we entered world war i."" fear of losing territory in the southwest to mexico was the major factor in the united states’ entry into the war. a fear that democracy and freedom would suffer a terminal blow with a german victory compelled president wilson to ask congress to declare war. damage to us international trade and economic interests was the principal reason the united states decided to go to war. pressure from a public eager for war forced the president to bring the united states into world war i.
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When people willingly exchange goods or services and both parties benefit, the following has occurred
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Do you know the correct answer?
"THE FATHER'S TRAGEDY" 1. Is this story realistic or true to life? Explain your answer.
2. Wh...

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