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Identity by which one belongs
the anthropological construction of the self
anthropology is a science and philosophical description of the life
form homo sapien" the thinking man. the science of anthropology as
"doctrinahunanaenaturae indudes the bodily characteristics of human
wei as their spiritual psychic and moral dignity. (ocampo, 2006) the
focal point of anthropology as scientific endeavor deals with a man in the
hysical, cultural and existential features with the purpose of gaining a
deeper understanding of man's place in the world. the main concept of
modern anthropological science is the idea of man who creates culture by
means of his active interaction with the environment. man based on the
specin subiect matter of anthropology is a creator and carrier of culture.
at the cooning of the nineteenth century, the subject matter of
anthropology was no longer limited to the scientific description of man's
physical nature, but likewise included the problems that concern man's
experiences in the world. the advent of culture as the key factor in man's
self-understanding has given rise to the 20 description to human and
social science
the main aim of contemporary anthropology centers around the
idea of culture as a living extension of the human self and the authentic
indicator of intelligence and human experience that makes man as a man
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Identity by which one belongs
the anthropological construction of the self
anthropology is...

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