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True or False. Write True if the statement is correct, otherwise, write False. 1. Global inequality affects the opportunities and lives of people impoverished and less powerful countries.
2. Globalization creates balanced outcomes.
3. Disability results from the interaction between persons with impairments that hinders their full participation in society on an equal basis with others.
4. Poverty and disabilities don't have a close relationship.
5. Xenophobia refers to the fear of other cultures or foreign interventions.
6. Racism refers to the belief that humans are subdivided into similar groups. 7. Social stratification is defined as a systematic categorization of individuals in a society based on their roles or functions and statuses.
8. The caste system in India is an example of a stratified social system.
9. Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos wielded absolute political power when he declared Martial Law in 1972.

10. In an open society, poor people can improve their socioeconomic status through gainful employment or starting a small business.

11. Perseverance and individual achievements are not valued in an open society.
12. Race and ethnicity are one of the many causes of inequalities in society.

13. Sex and gender as variables also facilitate the presence of inequality in society.

14. Social stratification can neither be open or closed.
15. Examples of closed system include the caste system in India.

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True or False. Write True if the statement is correct, otherwise, write False. 1. Global inequalit...

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