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9 III. Compose coherent sentences in the inverted order using the given verbs that agree with the subjects
in each item
10. disagree
11. in the spelling bee
12 come
13. on the moon
14. on a topic for a report
the men
the meteor
astronauts' footprints
on their plan
in meteorites
IV. Determine the ideas used to influence the viewers based on the advertisement Amazing Tale Nido
3+ Nestle PH. Choose your answer from the box.
15. Using stereotypes, the characteristic of a mother that has shown in the advertisement
16. As shown in the point of view of the advertisement, a child must have
17 The advertisement has spread the idea that Nido 3+ contains millions of
that will help in protecting children's tummy.
The advertisement of Nido 3+ left a slogan at the end part stating that".
18. The advertisement is intended to persuade
to buy Nido 3+ for children.
Laking Nido, Protektado
healthy tummy
Tender Loving Care
good bacteria
V. Complete the following by encircling the correct verb for each sentence
19. Every one of those books (is, are) fiction
20. Nobody (know, knows) the trouble I've seen.​

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9 III. Compose coherent sentences in the inverted order using the given verbs that agree with the s...

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