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Learning task 2 in your answer sheet copy and answer if m lutv

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How can becoming a filipino influence your duty as becoming a better version of yourself
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Try to match the desirable filipino traits in the box below with the actions and behavior of ricardo. write the letter of your answer in the blank before each number. ricardo kisses the hands of his parents, grandparents and older relatives. he listens and gives importance to their advice and helps them in any way he can. he plans to take care of his parents when they grow old. a. trust in god b. hospitality c. respect for elders d. utang na loob e. resourcefulness/ creativity f. bayanihan (cooperation) g. pakikisama (ability to get along with others) h. close family ties i. patience/optimism (debt of gratitude) j. respect for womanhood
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How is their practice similar/different from. the filipinos? explain
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20 words of the story of the song of roland are unfamillair
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Learning task 2 in your answer sheet copy and answer if m lutv...

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