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Imagine that you were of a different nationality. what would change in you
aside from your citizenship and origin?

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First person on the railway side
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In the past i have been intolerant of ohter people
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i need an essay done. i work a lot. you will be developing an analysis of a case study of your choice. the first step is to analyze a debatable claim. you will select a scholarly article from a reliable source that relays a strong position on a debatable topic. be sure to record the full apa data, including title, author, and publication information. remember, while you are investigating an opinionated piece, your selected article should still come from a reputable publishing source and be well-researched. in a four- to five-page analysis, address the following in a well-developed and structured essay. provide a clear and detailed introduction. what is the topic and why is it important? what are the multiple sides of the debate? what is your thesis or point of view on the topic? summarize the topic/angle/purpose. what is the topic of the article? what is the angle or argument that the writer presents? what is the purpose of the article? what does the writer want the audience to do with the information they are presented with? analyze rhetorical appeals. how does the author use appeals to reason (logos)? how does the author use appeals to emotion (pathos)? how does the author use appeals to credibility (ethos)? what appeals are used most effectively? what is the impact on the argument? provide a counterargument. what are the opposing arguments to the argument? what are some reasons why the argument is incomplete or illogical? what are some examples or forms of evidence that show why or how the counterargument is incomplete or illogical? what are the reasons why the original argument is stronger? explain your position. what is your evaluation of the issue? how does utilizing a counterargument make your analysis stronger?
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Way of life by lao tzu. poem analysis
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Do you know the correct answer?
Imagine that you were of a different nationality. what would change in you
aside from your cit...

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