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Expand the sentences below by adding niun phrases as indicated.
1.cats are having fun.(subject)

2.school children read.(object of the verb)

3.the students enjoy.(object of preposition)

4.employees work.(object of preposition)

5.some people feel lucky.(subject)

6.the leader assigned.(object of the verb)

7.the class named me.(objected complement)

8.i am.(subjected complement)

9.players practice their game.(subject)

10.hunters look for animals.(subject)

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Matching type : match column a with its corresponding answer on column b column a column b 1. tessie hutchingson a. the wife of mr. graves and tells tessie that the lottery is fair 2. mr. joe summers b. the character who wants to preserve the culture 3. mr. harry graves c. the oldest son in the martin family 4. old man warner d. she is the one being stoned to death 5. mrs. graves e. the husband of tessie 6. mr. bill hutchingson f. bill jr. nancy, and little dave 7. the hutcingson children g. the first person to draw in the lottery 8. mr. and mrs. martin h. the postmaster 9. baxter martin i. they run the grocery store and the parents of baxter 10. mr. adams j. he runs a coal business
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Expand the sentences below by adding niun phrases as indicated.
1.cats are having fun.(subject...

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