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What conflict exist between them

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Pa naman po gumawa ng stpry ahort stroy sa english . you
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Put a check mark (4) opposite the statement if it is correct and an x-mark (8) if it is . in this generation, filipinos have forgotten the habit of bringing home gifts or pasalubong for their friends and family when they come back from another place or country.
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What is the conflict of tje aged mother
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direction: multiple choice choose the letter of the correct answer. write it on the blank. 1.look at that giant man. have you ever  seen a one? a. smaller b. huge c. tall d. tallest e. taller 2. look at that skyscraper. have you ever  seen a one? a. small b. tall c. taller d. longest e. longer . i am today means i didn't come on  time. a. punctual b. high time c. early d. late e. hurry . he is an friend of mine. i am very  old happy to see him again. a. old b. early c. ancestor d. brand - new e. long time . he is interested in what we are talking about. he may be a spy of the other team. a. not b. partly c. unentirely d. very much e. ignoringly . firstly macaroni is put into the water and then fried in a pan. a. boiled b. spoiled c. evaporating d. heating e. boiling 7. the teacher is for all the students in  the class. a. responsibility b. careless c. responsible d. possible e. taking care of . i was very rude to you and still feel very of myself. a. sorry b. forgive c. forsake d. apologetic e. ashamed . more information becomes through  the use of computers. a. available b. possible c. acceptable d. funnier e. unreachable . that people always fear the things  they don't know well is a fact. a. good b. complete c. similar d. suitable e. well-known
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What conflict exist between them...

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