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Lachnumber mavhave one or more llen
the group parallel note there is more
1. a school of fish
lions proudly lounging
a bask of crocodiles
a murder of crows
that are not parallel with the others make
is more than one way to do this.
3. to barbeque
cooked on a stove
grilling evenly
food that is baked in an oven
2. elegance
easy-going personality
4. beautiful pictures
loudly singing
playing volleyball with friends
to cook pasta for dinner
5. girls giggling obviously
pretty little liars
sleeping ceremoniously
to eat with noise​

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This is the proficiency in syntax and morphologhy​
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Do you know the correct answer?
Lachnumber mavhave one or more llen
the group parallel note there is more
1. a school of f...

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