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5 example powers of social media​

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Who question in sawatdee hello beautiful bangkok in thailand ​
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If you were in the same situation would you do the same? why or why not?
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When did john milton died? and why? and whatbis the causes of his death?
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Fill in the blank with denotes and connotes according to the meaning the sentece expresses. 1. father someone who is strong and protective of his family 2. soft, white flakes formed from the tiny drops of water that freeze in the upper air and fall to earth 3. pouring blessings of joy or comfort that comes upon a person, one after another 4. fair clear skies and a sunny day 5. if there is a trouble that bothers the family, bad weather is in the air. unpleasant mood among the family members.
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5 example powers of social media​...

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