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What is the mass of each element are presenf in 7.15 moles Mg(NO³)²?

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Naturally occurring iodine has a atomic mass of 126.9045. a 12.3849 g sample of iodine is accidentally contaminated with an additional i-129, a synthetic radioisotope of iodine used in the treatment of certain diseases of the thyroid gland. the mass of i-129 is 128.9050 amu. find the apparent "atomic mass" of the contaminated iodine
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Think about sugar and water as made up of tiny particles. with your groupmates, discuss and give your reasons for observations you made kn q.1 draw illustrations to further explai your reasons
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What can i do to change the rubber band? ​
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Kung ikaw ang may-ari ng negosyo, kukunin mo ba ang ganitong uri na katiwala para sa iyong negosyo? ​
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What is the mass of each element are presenf in 7.15 moles Mg(NO³)²?...

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